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. >> the u.s. attorney's office says the suspect is one of the most dangerous terrorists the u.s. has seen since 9/11. his name is quasi nafis. he was arrested after contacting an f.b.i. informant. prosecutors say he had already reached out to others ablt building a terror cell and the authorities got lucky. the u.s. attorney said, in his words, nothing was going to stop him. >> a 61-year-old driver is facing charges for causing a crash that killed a prince george george's county police officer yesterday. his vehicle smashed up against a light pole. police say officer bowden was speeding and not wearing a seat belt. >> it's terrible to watch an officer that you have an attachment with that you know his mom, his dad, his children, the people that he worked with, everybody loved him. >> officer bowden had two young children. funeral arrangements have not yet been finalized. >>> tonight, dozens got together to remember a young boy who was murdered a year ago. william mcqueen was brutally beaten and his mother's estranged husband is now awaiting trial. shomari stone with the story. >> we thank
, the tigers are up 2-1 with two outs in the ninth. let's talk a little soccer now. the u.s. took care of business in the world cup qualifying tonight. the guys needed to get a win or a tie against kwaguatemala to advance. the good news is they were unbeaten against guatemala in their last 18 matches. we pick it up in the 18th minute. the u.s. on the attack. eddie johnson had to clip dempsey who slides in to score. the red, white and blue take a 2-1 lead. to the 36th minute now. more from the u.s. michael bradly to hercule hercules gomez. second of the game, 30th of his interfashl career for dempsey. and the u.s. wins 3-1. they advance to the final round of world cup qualifiers. >>> and, folks, we have some answers. at six, we asked for your suggestions for the redskins new touchdown celebration. ewe respond you responded with dozens of ideas. here are the three that our sports staff liked the best. our third best suggestion. the burgundy bounce. you like that? >> that's pretty good. >> all right. first submitted by chris cheok. our second favorite, the hog hurdle as first tweeted by j
building just a few blocks from the world trade center. the f.b.i. says the suspect came here to the u.s. from bangladesh. he was on a student visa. and he originally wanted to attack the new york stock exchange. he ultimately wanted to disrupt, he said, the presidential election. >> reporter: federal officials say this man attempted to blow up the federal reserve building in new york city the other day. the 21-year-old was arrested in an f.b.i. sting. >> the new york is the top of the target list in this country. and i think this just reaffirms that. >> according to the justice department, nofice traveled from his queens apartment to a nearby warehouse where he assembled the van bomb. then, after attempting to detonate the substance, nofice was taken into custody. >> i thif it shows, again, that law enforcement is vigilant. >> nofice arrived on a student visa. he told a confidential informant he wanted to form a terror cell here in the u.s. he plotted several places for his attack but settled on the federal reserve building. a scary thought for those who live and work in the area. >> it
and requested 2500 additional linemen to work after the storm. >> the u.s. navy is on the move tonight getting his ships out of norfolk and out of sandy's path. the ships, including the aircraft carrier, uss harry truman are going out it sea until the area is clear it return. they are the world's largest naval installation. no cancellations at the airports yet but major airlines are offering passengers a way out. putting flexible travel policies in place so that passengers can change or cancel flights next week without paying a fee. >> a lot of people are doing whatever they can to get ready for sandy. flood sag real concern. so folks are arming themselves with sandbags and stocking up on supplies. darcy spence enner alexandria n with that part of the story. darcy? >> we're live along the alexandria waterfront. if you take a look behind me here at the marina, you can see it is very quiet, very tranquil. people spent the day and evening getting ready but say they are not quite sure what to expect. at the cleveland park metro, sandbags are in place to protect against flooding as the region prepa
's turning its attention to the u.s. from frida to new york, jay gray with a closer look at how cities are preparing coming up at 11:15. >>> in prince george's county, nine cars have been set on fire over a 24-hour period. fire officials believe they're linked and now they're warning the public about a serial arsonist. more on the costly crime spree. >> reporter: strange popping sounds and an eerie orange glow wakened vincent white around 9:00 a.m. >> the window was engulfed in flames. >> reporter: that's one of the air bags in the tree. it exploded in the fire. his car wasn't the fist in the span of 20 hours, several cars were burned or fwroeken into in prince george's county. >> they attempted but once my alarm went off, they scattered. >> reporter: his suv was just minimaled from being torched. >> reporter: frank had been alerted to something amiss in his driveway. >> my wife just woke me up, she told me, your car alarm is going off. and she said, oh, look, it looks like there's fire, there's fire. >> within a 22-hour period, nine auto fires were set ablaze in the settering, largo,
in the polls with just two weeks now until election day. >> a republican u.s. senate candidate from indiana is scrambling tonight to qualify some controversial remas he made about rape. it happened during a debate tonight. richard morlock says that when a woman is impregnated in a rape, he says, in his words, it is something that god intended to happen. he says he does not intend for rape to happen, but god is the only one who can create life. he says while he disagrees with abortions, in cases of rape or incest, he says he does believe they are okay to save the life of a mother. >> some voter who is used absentee ballots did not get the entire ballot. the news 4 iteam heard from a voter who said he was missing an entire page of referendum questions. that page included some of the most talked about ballot issues, including question 6 on same-sex marriage and question 7 on gambling. election officials confirm there is a small number of ballots missing -- that are missing pages and they were in montgomery and prince george's counties. if you have not voted, you can call your local election bo
're following a developing story tonight out of the u.s. virgin islands. a woman has been rescued from the waters of the atlantic after a plane crash. this happened south of st. thomas just before 8:00 this morning. the coast guard got word a small twin engine plane went down. around 2:00 p.m., rescue teams found and rescued valerie jackson. she was able to tell rescue workers there were three other people on the plane with her. the search for those three continues at this hour. >>> new details in the deadly meningitis outbreak. maryland health officials confirm a 15th case of infection in the state. 197 confirmed cases nationwide. today the centers for disease control announced a 15th person has died from the infection. that victim got a steroid injection in indiana. a woman who had an injection in minnesota is the first to file a lawsuit against the pharmacy linked to the contaminated steroids. that company has now suspended all operations. >>> the space shuttle "endeavour" wrapping up its final mission tonight. this is a live look from los angeles as the shuttle makes its way to its
national monument. >> in the race for the u.s. senate, a debate tonight talking about the economy, a gridlock in congress and even big bird. >> reporter: with the richmond pbs station hosting the debate -- >> i pledge tonight not to fire big bird and not to defund public broadcasting. >> that was the only light moment in the hour-long debate. his main line of attack is when tim cain accepted. >> how does a governor decide to take on a second job that sends him all over the country giving him part san speeches while over a hundred thousand jobs are lost in virginia. it will still keep virginia the best state for business in america. >> i'm proud of the fact that when i was governor at a very challenging time. we did a lot to bring new businesses to virginia and to have a profile that was significantly greater than other states. >> you can best compromise across the aisle. >> we have to have bridge builders. wheneorge was in the senate. he ridiculed to find compromise. i think we need people in the senate who know how to compromise and that will move our economy forward. >> on every
toll risen to 46 now in the u.s. tonight, more than 8 million are without power. the jersey shore and new york city among the hardest hit. >> we begin, though, to tell us where sandy is, doug? >> sandy is still right on top of us. this storm is not going anywhere soon. the good news, here, though, is sandy has weakened dramatically. so we are no longer seeing those fierce winds anywhere across the northeast. that is some very, very good news. we will continue to watch this storm as it's continuing to make its way very slowly toward the north and east. last night, moving at 38 miles an hour as it slammed into the coast. now, it is moving at just a few miles an hour and it is just sitting and it is just spinning. cold air on the backside. warm air on the south side, along the east side of this storm. what a difference a day makes here as far as this storm is concerned. a few showers. big time snows. a few more showers as they can't to make their way through overnight. but the big story tonight is the cold air. temperatures right now in the 30s. 36 in hangerstown. only 42 degrees rig
story. a report that says the u.s. and iran have agreed to their first ever one on one talks about iran's nuclear program. the white house is denying it. the report came from the new york times. it said iran is waiting to negotiate until after the election, so it knows which administration its dealing with. there have been back channel discussions, and israel was aware of them. diplomats told the times they were not kept in the loop. the national security council said the president has made clear that he will prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon, and we will do what we must to achieve that. the election is a little more than two weeks away here, and in maryland the presidential race not the only election people are talking about. questions six and seven continue to be contentious issues on the ballot. darcie spencer spoke to voters at a debate about why these two initiatives are so important to them. >> it's clear many voters are undecided on these important ballot questions. one would provide for a casino, the other for gay marriage. today's forum was meant to help voters desired
the financial aid they need. >> a u.s. district court judge set some tougher, new rules and warned him not to break them. brown was ordered to return to court today because he missed three required calls to court. he now has to be inside his house between 11:00 p.m. and 6:30 in the morning and he must check in personally every week. the judge must allow brown to remain free until he is sentenced for felony bank fraud next month. >> jerry sandusky will likely spend the rest of his life behind bars. today, he was given a 30-60 year prison sentence for sexually abusing 10 boys over a 15 year period. he sat quietly as three of his victims read statements about the effects of his abuse. and then he delivered an almost 15-minute long stamt in which he denied neez disgusting acts. >> his statement today was a masterpiece of denial self delusion and without any acceptance of responsibility. >> sandusky's attorneys have 10 days to appeal and they say they plan on doing so. >> crews are putting the finishing touches on the field tonight. there's also a warning. jim rosenfield reports that you ma
. >> he came to the u.s. to study cyber security in missouri but left school and moved to brooklyn. he is being held tonight without bond. >> a stranger repeatedly broke into an apartment, set up a hidden camera and recorded young women for months. these pictures show the man setting up the camera on montgomery run road. two women in their 20s live here. police say the man has returned several times since june to move the camera so he could see the bedrooms and the bathroom. last month one of the victims found the camera and called police. now neighbors are worried. >> if someone were to have broken in without their knowing, that is a little scary and makes you question the security in the community. >> they have checked out workers and contracts. >> a new trial in two officers accused of beating a university of maryland student. the jublg was once married to a police officer, convicted of a similar crime. the officers are accused of beating john after a maryland duke basketball game. the case still expected to go the jury tomorrow. >> to the presidential race now where president obama
on tuesday. and virginia's u.s. senate candidates will hold their second debate tomorrow. republican george allen and democrat tim kaine will square off in richmond. a recent nbc "wall street journal" marist poll shows kaine pulling ahead of allen 49% to 44%. "meet the press's" david gregory motd moderated their first debate last month. news 4's aaron gilchrist and julie carey were panelists. >>> new details tonight in a story we brought you last week. that dog that disappeared after a violent early morning attack in northeast has now been found. back on friday a woman was walking murray when she says a jogger started yelling at her, claiming murray bit him. she says the man grabbed murray's leash and he slipped out of his collar and then disappeared. that's when she says the man turned on her, grabbing her and sexually assaulting her. she screamed for help, and the man ran off. today the washington humane society found murray. he has a broken leg but is expected to be okay. >>> some good news to start off your work week. finding a parking spot will be a lot easier thanks to the columbus da
remembering, the former u.s. senator. and died this morning from complications and the pennsylvania politician served for 30 years. sparked controversy in 2009, when he switched parties. specter said he didn't think he could win the nomination in the increasingly conservative republican party. he lost that primary. specter's funeral will be held tuesday in philadelphia. and is open to the public. and today they continued preparing for their second debate. both side expect tuesday's contest to be more confrontational than the first. and as brian moore reports with 23 days to election day, both have a lot riding on the outcome. >> hello, everybody. taking a break from debate practice in williamsburg, virginia. president obama dropped by campaign office to pep talk a few volunteers. >> just keep it going for the next three weeks. >> this week could prove critical for arebound. >> think he will be aggressive making the case for his, view of where we should go, as a country. >> republican mitt romney made a quick appearance sunday. attending church with his wife ann. as he prepares for tuesday's bi
with an international coalition that include the u.s. china and russia. but it says there have been no discussions outside that group the reaction from israel has been mixed with some worried that iran is only buying time. france said today iran could produce a nuclear weapon by early next year. >>> the stakes are high for both presidential candidates as they prepar fe for their third final debate. a new poll shows president obama and mitt romney deadlocked at 47%. romney took a rest from debate practice, to cheer for flag football. among the subjects, the foreign policy debate will focus on the middle east and terrorism. the debate begins tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. in boca raton, florida. gathering your feedback on facebook, twitter and nbc washington.com. use the #-d.c. talks. >> terrifying scene, after the redskins game, a man, plunges from an elscalatorescalator. a major project at dupont circle is complete. the work is beginning. how long it will be before >>> family and friends remember senator george mcgovern. he passed away in a hospice in south dakota he was 90. mcgovern, a decorated bomber pi
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